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What's the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

Our Thoughts

In the video below, Neil goes on to talk about the best WordPress SEO plugin. It’s called Yoast and if you haven’t heard of it you should definitely check it out RIGHT NOW.

Yoast is absolutely essential to implementing a good SEO strategy for your WordPress site. It’s easy to use and even easier to setup and did we mention that there’s a free version available?

Although Neil mentions that this plugin is great for bloggers, it’s truly just as useful for any type of WordPress website out there.

This video is a quick one, so we’d suggest watching the whole thing through because he does a great job explaining the basics of Yoast and what it does.

He also gives a few key tips to make your website rank higher on Google searches (tips that we here at WP Optimizing use ourselves.)

There are incredibly useful resources out there that help with SEO tactics such as keyword density analyzers and keyword suggestion tools, so we’ll be sure to make another post for things like that. Believe it or not, Yoast does some of this on its own, even in the free version.

But in our research, we’ve found that Yoast is one of the easier SEO plugins to setup and can basically perform the same tasks as its competition with the exception of some more advanced features.

Overall, this plugin will most definitely boost your traffic if you use it correctly. All of its simple features make it the best WordPress SEO plugin for beginners and people new to WordPress.

This is definitely one for the plugin list. Also, check out our post called How to Setup Yoast for an in-depth tutorial.

Check out Neil’s video on Youtube here, or visit his channel.

Feel free to comment and let us know your own opinion on the video.

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